The Outbreak Observatory team has coordinated with our colleagues at the Taiwan CDC to set up our first observation trip to coincide with their annual influenza mass vaccination campaign. In addition to observing mass vaccination operations, we will be meeting with national- and local-level health officials to discuss their firsthand experience with planning for and implementing the program as well as lessons learned over the course of their work. We have worked with the Taiwan CDC in the past, and we are very excited to team up with them again!

Mass vaccination is a vital outbreak prevention and response tool for which there is limited operational experience in many locations around the world. We will be able to share Taiwan's experience with other practitioners and test out our Outbreak Observatory processes at the same time.

We hope to keep everyone updated over the course of our journey, via regular posts here on our website and our Twitter (@Outbreaks101) and Instagram (@Outbreaks101) accounts. We are looking forward to an amazing trip! We get to see a world-class public health organization in action, and hopefully we can work out some of the logistical and operational kinks for Outbreak Observatory along the way.