The Outbreak Observatory is conducting a pilot observation in Taipei, Taiwan. We have coordinated with colleagues at the Taiwan CDC to observe their annual seasonal influenza mass vaccination campaign. This post covers events from Sunday, October 22.

We’ve had an amazing week in Taiwan, and we learned ­so­ much about Taiwan’s seasonal influenza vaccination program. The expertise and dedication of the Taiwan CDC staff is second to none, and they went out of their way to help us understand how their program functions. We were also fortunate to meet and speak with a number of local public health and medical practitioners and school staff and administrators who shared their experiences with us. We cannot thank our Taiwanese colleagues enough for their hospitality.

We will be working hard over the coming weeks and months to compile, distill, and disseminate our observations, but for now, we’re hopping on the plane for our long flight back to the states (just as we finally got adjusted to Taiwan time). Thanks to everyone who followed along with us this week, and if you missed out on any of our adventures, be sure to check out our website and #OOinTaiwan on Twitter or Instagram.


Diane & Matt