The Outbreak Observatory is conducting a pilot observation in Taipei, Taiwan. We have coordinated with colleagues at the Taiwan CDC to observe their annual seasonal influenza mass vaccination campaign. This post covers events from Sunday, October 15.

After more than 30 hours of traveling, Matt and I have finally arrived in Taipei, Taiwan for our first Outbreak Observatory pilot observation. Unfortunately, our flight departing San Francisco was delayed for a few hours due to airplane maintenance, and we arrived much later (and more tired) than scheduled. Thanks, Friday the 13th! Despite the jet lag, we are excited and eager to start our week learning more about the Taiwan CDC’s (TCDC) mass influenza vaccination campaign.

We met with our TCDC colleagues this morning to discuss our plans for this week, and they have arranged an amazing schedule for us. On Monday, we will be meeting with TCDC’s Division of Preparedness and Emerging Infectious Diseases to get an overview of the mass vaccination program planning, logistics, and operations. Tuesday morning, we will be observing vaccine distribution and delivery in Taipei. On Wednesday and Thursday, we will visit a local high school, primary school, and nursery school for vaccine administration. Finally, on Friday we will attend the bi-weekly influenza vaccination program meeting chaired by the TCDC Director-General. Throughout the week, we will also be observing various pubic communication efforts, including a weekly TCDC press conference. By the end of our visit, we should have a more complete picture of how TCDC successfully completes this large-scale vaccination effort, including planning, communications, and logistics.

We are deeply grateful to our TCDC colleagues for helping coordinate Outbreak Observatory’s first pilot observation and for allowing us to observe a very important public health event. Please stay tuned throughout the week as we post updates to the website, Twitter, and Instagram.