This week's Outbreak Thursday post by Jennifer Nuzzo and Diane Meyer was published as an editorial by The Hill.

Venezuela, once home to one of the premier tuberculosis control programs in South America, is facing a resurgence of TB, highlighted by a 40% increase in TB incidence in the capital city of Caracas. This TB epidemic illustrates the challenges facing many countries, and recent domestic outbreaks of TB, including drug-resistant strains, serve as a stark reminder of the potential for global spread of communicable diseases. The Global Health Security Agenda, launched in 2014, serves as a mechanism to build and maintain national-level prevention, detection, and response capacity for health emergencies around the world; however, the future is uncertain as the US CDC prepares for potential losses of funding for its global health security programs. Effective investments in global capacity-building efforts can stop outbreaks where they start and preempt pandemics before they can gain traction elsewhere.


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